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"I felt the discrimination, being from a different country, so that's why I express it here in this poem – that to cross to the other side is not just to cross a border, a line that is traced by us, by people. When god created the world, he created it open with no divisions, with no borders... Just as we cannot divide the sky, the earth was not divided, so it belongs to all of us." Sister Sylvia Gómez, a nun from Mexico who has spent half her life in Santa Fe

“This was my first experience of being able to express what I had been through coming from another country.” Ricardo, from Mexico

“For me the importance of this project is that one gets to know other people and share time with them. One gets to know their stories and their lives, and we can share our experiences of coming to this country. This project has helped me to be able to talk more openly and with less pain.”  Paulita, from Mexico

“My most immediate border was the ocean and many Dominicans crossed the ocean illegally in flimsy boats to make it to the United States. I believe borders do not,...have never really existed. We fabricated them to keep each other apart, separated... The day we release the borders within ourselves, that day we will also release the external borders that separate people and nations.”    Carlos, from the Dominican Republic

“I am not embarrassed any more to express my feelings and to talk out.”  Lina, New Mexico

"I have always been fascinated by stories. There is such strength and beauty in our stories and exploring the places and people we come from – Atrisco, Carrizozo, Raventon, Chilili – some of my places in New Mexico. Lugares that shape who I am and hold the bones of my ancestors. The El Otro Lado Project offers a unique opportunity to take the time to reflect on our stories and find creative and powerful ways to share them."  Alicia Lueras Maldonado


Westside Community Center
Video: Senaida Garcia
Music: Carlos Garcia
1:45 min


Native American Community Academy
Video: Senaida Garcia
Music: Carlos Garcia
1:48 min


El Otro Lado: Albuquerque
Video: Senaida Garcia
8 min.


Video: Senaida Garcia
Music: Carlos Garcia
0:56 min



El Centro
Video: Senaida Garcia
Music: Pablo Ancona
2:30 min


    Quotes from El Otro Lado: The Other Side, Santa Fe participants
Top image: El Centro de Igualdad y Derechos, February 2010, photo by Chrissie Orr
El Otro Lado: The Other Side is a project of The Academy for the Love of Learning and is currently in progress. Please check back for updates.
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